Consultancy and Playful Workshops

As a non-profit we put our knowledge into play for a wide range of activities. We are always happy to give advice or help out individuals, companies, and institutions, regardless of professional field, educational level, or budget.

For Educators

Want to know how playful learning can power your teaching and empower your students to become creative, curious, and content individuals? It has long been proven that interactivity and fun increases the successful transmission of information. This is why VALUE treats education as a playground, an enclosed place where the world is discovered and engaged with, in a process that is taken serious as well as enjoyed by everybody. We provide advice on how to leverage the power of play in your classrooms, with a special focus on knowledge dissemination about the past. We also (co-)design and run educational workshops and courses.

For Game Developers

Are you interested in incorporating aspects of history or the past at large into your game? We are very keen to create connections between members of the creative industry and academia. We feel that representations of the past can be fun as well as informative and authentic and will work with you towards that goal. We can also provide critical feedback on narratives and story design that link contemporary audiences to histories and mythologies of yore in a manner that is respectful and representative. As archaeological and historical specialists, we can directly offer our wide knowledge and expertise on the past, as well as put you in touch with other scholars in our contact network.

For Cultural Institutions

Looking for new, interactive, and unexpected ways to connect and engage with your visitors? We design and run playful workshops that combine gaming and heritage. We have worked with cultural institutions such as museums to develop interactive public programmes, for instance for Museum Night events or outreach activities. Games can provide visitors with new and engaging connections to the past, to histories, and to artifacts. Particularly the use of Virtual Reality can bring new dimensions to cultural programmes and engage audiences of all ages.